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Callture Inc., a technology company based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada with facilities in Toronto and New York, and a subsidiary entirely owned by Telcan Inc., which was founded in 1997, has developed its own proprietary platform, the fruit of 14 years of innovation, which can offer complete hosted turn-key solution for rapid delivery of voice and wireless retail products.

Callture runs two business units, the Retail Services Unit and the Platform Outsourcing Solutions Unit. The Retail Unit provides value-added voice services to businesses and consumers. Business services include Virtual PBX, enhanced toll free service, virtual international phone numbers, prepaid long distance and click-to-talk service, while consumer services include unlimited long distance, calling cards and pc2phone facility.  

The Platform Outsourcing Unit on the other hand offers telecom outsourcing solutions for entrepreneurs around the world. Callture offers a wholesale model, where clients concentrate on pricing, distributing and selling their own private label products and services and leave all the technical and provisioning aspects to Callture. Callture wholesalers don’t need to own any hardware or software. Callture will provide them web-based access to its turnkey platform and with minimum training, they can already start provisioning their own suite of voice products.

The extent of services offered by Callture seems endless. On its Tollfree Features page of its website, we can see a long list of the numerous services provided by Callture. Customers should never miss reading this page to take advantage of the facilities. Callture also issues discount and promotional coupons.

As if all these are not enough, Callture has launched its newest innovative telecom service for their customers in Canada and the United States that enables unlimited international calling from more than 30 countries across the globe for a fixed monthly rate as low as US$15. There are no per-minute charges, no installation, no equipment required and no contractual obligations. At the beginning of the decade it started with the lowering of rates from $1 to less than $0.05 per minute, and now Callture is starting the next wave of international long distance service that charges a flat rate for unlimited monthly service.

Backed by 24/7 live contact and a user-friendly and fast-loading website, Callture’s team delivers the highest standards of service in the industry, which has earned the company the “A” rating of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Callture Inc.: What makes it different?

From the above paragraphs, Callture is obviously pursuing the role of a wholesale provider, meaning that it is doing its best to offer competitive prices to the public, besides a top-notch virtual PBX system and an exhaustive hosted turn-key solution, providing quality and value to its agents and customers.

Recently Callture has again complemented and highlighted its efforts for quality and value by offering its customers in Canada and the United States an international long distance service that allows unlimited international calling from more than 30 countries across the globe for a fixed monthly rate as low as US$15. And for this purpose, no installation or additional equipment or contractual obligations are necessary, as simple as that.

Thus, assuming that the level of service offered by Callture’s competitors is the same as that provided by Callture, the factor of competitive pricing apparently is the key differentiator that makes Callture’s product different and unique in the marketplace.

Callture Inc. vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Callture Inc.)

Now let’s take a look at two of Callture’s competitors and see how Callture fares along them. Both are leading companies with traffic ranking way over that of Callture.

Rogers Communications Inc. with its corporate office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and store outlets located all across Canada except the Northwest Territories and Nunavut is a renowned provider of Canadian Internet content for all information, communication and entertainment needs. It deals among others in wireless hardware & accessories, wireless plans and services, Internet messaging, music, games and graphics, home phone service plans, international connections, cable TV & HDTV channels & shows, HD Video Recorder & HD Receiver hardware, Internet packages, Internet hardware renting & sales as well as mobile Internet service programs.

RingCentral Inc., based in San Mateo, California, USA, offers virtual PBX phone service plans, mobile phone service plans and Internet-based faxing service plans. In short, it provides a technology platform that eliminates on-premise legacy phone systems by combining a hosted, multi-extension phone system with advanced voice and fax functionality, to simplify business communications.  RingCentral also sells IP phone sets designed specifically for cloud-based business phone systems that are already preconfigured with phone numbers and extensions for immediate use.                                                                                                                           
Unlike Callture, Rogers offers products and services that are more varied, which include providing entertainment in music, games, movies and sports, video and TV shows, besides selling hardware and operating its brick-and-mortar outlets across the country.  The advantage that this situation offers to Callture is that Callture can stay more focused on providing telecommunication services to its customers, without any distraction.

RingCentral on the other hand runs a business that is quite similar to that of Callture. In the next section below, we’ll see if Callture’s pricing policy is of any good in competing with RingCentral.

Callture Inc.: Pricing & packages

It’s time to explore Callture’s pricing policy and see how it works in comparison with Callture’s competitors Rogers and RingCentral.

First let’s see how Callture-TelCan has managed to make its Virtual PBX prices so affordable. Callture-TelCan has over 100,000 clients and hundreds of affiliates and resellers. This allows the company to remain profitable, while offering its clients the lowest monthly rates possible. Its Virtual PBX service requires no hardware or software and doesn’t need repairmen to correct physical problems and is easy to use. Once a client’s account has been activated, he can have the Virtual PBX system setup and running within minutes. Alterations can be made through the client’s online account at any time. This ease of use helps keep costs down. By working at a cost so low, Callture-TelCan is able to pass the savings on to clients and offer its Virtual PBX service at a fantastic price.

1)  Virtual PBX packages
                                             Standard           Platinum
     Starting at                       $9.99/month    $14.99/month
     Number of extensions               5                   10
     Inclusive of: nationwide toll free number/professional greetings/auto-attendant/voicemail capacity/    
     dynamic operator extension/no busy signals or unlimited capacity/change ring-to number/unified     
     office appearance/no need for a technician/caller ID with extensions/web access to voicemail/web-  
     based administration/notification via pager, e-mail and phone/call blocking/call return from mailbox,
     phone and internet/forced voicemail/detailed on-line billing/6-second billing increments/PBX
     connect/no hardware or software required. For further details, see and      

2)  Telephone call rate within the Continental United States         US$ 0.045 per minute
     Telephone call rate within Canada                                        US$ 0.065 per minute

1)  Virtual PBX packages
                     1 User *)                          4 Users                                10 Users
      Unlimited calling & faxing       Unlimited calling & faxing       Unlimited calling & faxing
      FREE 1000 toll-free min/mo   FREE 1000 toll-free min/mo    FREE 1000 toll-free min/mo
         $49.99/mo for one user          $24.99/mo per user               $22.99/mo per user

      *) To determine the number of users,                                                                                      20+ Users
           count the number of devices, incl.                                                                            Unlimited calling & faxing
           desk phones, softphones, conference                                                                      FREE 1000 toll-free min/mo
           phones and fax machines.                                                                                             $19.99/mo per user

1)  Virtual PBX packages – not available.
2)  Telephone call rate within Canada and the United States    US$ 0.05 per minute, any time of the day.

It can be seen from the above extracts that Callture compares positively in the matter of pricing.

Callture Inc.: Product images & screenshots
Callture Inc. Coupons
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Callture Inc.: Customer reviews & comments

Callture Inc., a subsidiary of Telcan Inc., is a company with the BBB Accredited A Rating. I’ve come upon the following review and customer feedback on Dan Matan’s blog.

Posted by Dan Matan on May 5, 2007 (updated in November 2010):
Still mostly happy with the service, and still using it, as is my brother.

With a toll-free forwarding number, any calls to my number get forwarded to another number of my choosing

Why I decided to get a personal toll-free telephone number.

As a person that moves between school and home in different area codes every 4-8 months, and not really knowing where I'll be in the coming years, I figured getting a number that I could have forever would be a great idea. Heck, I even got my brother and one of his friends onto it. Using a cell phone as my primary phone, I did not want to stick with one "regular" number all the time, and force one group of friends to always pay long distance, and pay Fido's 30cents/min LD charges when I received calls outside of my home area. Rogers Pay As You Go, Telus PAY & TALK & Bell Mobility have similar (or worse) long distance pricing. Despite the free outgoing LD on US cell phones on providers like T-Mobile, Cingular & Verizon, keep in mind those landline users that have to pay to call you.

I just change my cell phone number (or better yet, buy new SIM cards on new prepaid accounts...) to my new home area when I move, and instantly change where my toll-free number points to. I purchased a T-Mobile 2 Go account with the 1-year expiry for my infrequent US travelling. I also plan on buying a SIM card for my unlocked GSM phone when I travel overseas this summer, and then pointing my number to that. Now I'm more accessible than just about anyone else, and it is all through 1 phone number that will work forever, with the costs going lower and lower.

Why I went with the Telcan/Callture Service

After doing loads of research, Telcan's rates seemed to be the best (for my needs anyway). USD$2/month for the number, and 6.5 US cents/minute for toll free calls received in Canada. Other companies would have better plans for high volume users. Their rates are truly excellent for US users, only 4.5 cents/minute. I may at some point "roll my own" on a dedicated server that I have access to with an incoming and outgoing VoIP provider to help cut down on costs, and so I can answer calls through my PC when I'm around.

Telcan's service has been incredibly reliable, quick to setup and they have a very functional, yet lightweight online interface.

As far as their features through their online panel go, I could examine all calls that I have received (along with their length, time, rate and total cost), block area codes or specific numbers, require a PIN number for incoming calls, specify credit limits to protect myself against excessive usage and of course or change the number that your calls get forwarded to.

They also have numbers around the world in which you can call in order to access an administrative menu, for when you don't have access to a computer.

They also offer the ability to trigger callbacks via calling, SMS, or the web, which is desirable for account with free incoming, saving you potentially large amounts of money………    
Posted by Pachulya on August 23, 2010:
Telcan is a terrible company with a terrible service. Here is how their ticket system works:
1. you have a problem and open a trouble ticket.
2. they close it without confirming with you, that they fixed the original problem.
But the problem is still there.
3. you open a new trouble ticket, stating there that they should fix a problem,
and confirm that is had been fixed with you, before closing it...
4. they close your trouble ticket without asking your opinion.
Because they use VOIP, which is not reliable and constantly has to be "fixed",
you are in trouble and constant headaches with their support system guaranteed.

Because everyone knew how terrible is telcan, they came up with a "mirror" company - Callture -
which is exactly the same company with exactly the same terrible service.
And sure their phone customer support is far overseas.

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